onsdag 1. april 2009

I never want you to go.
I can't describe how mutch
our friendship means to me.
Hold my hand,
and never let go.
Let's sit down and see the sunset.
Before it get's dark and we say godbye.

torsdag 19. mars 2009

St Patrick's day

The whole ting started when 15th seuntry started in biritain. Then St Patricks where 16 years old, he where kiddnapped. And he made to escape. Then he became a preast and adopted the christian navn Patrick.
St Patrick's day is the Irish national day and it celebrates 17 march.
The Irish observed this day as a religioud holiday for over a thousand years, they started to celebrate it because it was that day St Patrick died.

onsdag 7. januar 2009

The story of the Native Americans

There are about 2,4 million people today who call themself Native Americans.

som of them have lived on reservations but most of them have lived in cities and and small towns. The lagrest group of Native Americans are in Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Montana, South Dekota and Arizona.

Before the whit man came

when Columbus "discovered" Amercia in 1492 he thought he had come ti India and called the Native people "indians". The native Americans had lived there for about 35000 years, and it lived 1.5 millions people there. The people who lived there where farmer, hunters and fisherman and they spoked hundreds of lanuages. But as diffrent they all wear, they all got affected by the whit man Columbus. His guns, alchohol, his rawilways and his diseases changed the Indian way of living forever.

Conflicts begin

In the begging the Indian where willing to share, but after a while when more and more people was coming and taked over there land, there started conflicts.
The native Americans was drived from their land, and they who tried to fight back where killed. And somone died of diseases that the Europeans brought with them for eksampel tuberculosis, smallpox and measles. They who survived all that where placed on a reservation there no one else wanted to live.

The sioux

The Sioux was one of the native americans who fighted hardest against white settlerd and soliders. Sitting bull who was on the leader once said
"We lived in our conuntry in the way our fathers and fathers'father lived before us. We sought trouble with no men. But the soliders came into our country and fierd upon us and we fought back. Is it so bad to fight in defense of one's country and loved ones? "
The Sioux defeated the United states cavalry many times in battle.

Life on the reservations
On most of these reservations

tirsdag 25. november 2008

I learn English because i want to understaand what other people say, and since English is the word lanuage very many people can that lanuage. When i was in Spain and talked English almost everybodet understand me, but in Marokko almost no one undertsud me. i think English is a difficult lanuage, but i try as hard i can to do it good.

mandag 15. september 2008

Summery of pages 123 - 127

the people of united states and Great Britain have teir roots in mant different places on earth.
Some came to settle in in peace, some to invade, conquer ore to find a work and a new start.
Celtes settled down in parts of british Isles in 6th and 3 rd centuries.
They where mainly farmers and spoke Gaelic.
The Romans drove many of the Celtic tribes in to wales, Scotland and Ireland when the Romans invaded Britain.
London Became their capital and their built som major cities in bath, Chester and york.
The Romsans province of Britannia lasted until the 5Th Ceuntry, because at that time the soldiers where needed at home, so they left Britain.
However the Celts did not have britain for longe, because Angelo- Saxon tribes from present- day Germany soon invaded the Island and the celts where beaten once again.
The Scandinavian vikings came to raidabd plunder along the coast, but after a while they started settle in Britain. The viking power in Britain came to and end in 1066, when Harold the second beat the Norwegian king.
A french duke who's name is William beat the English and the battle of Hastings in 1066. William the Conquer sonn established a Norman state. English where suppressed and french became the new dominante lanuage.
In the 16 century we meet Henry the eight because the pope wouldn't let him divorce his first wife. So he broke with the Catholic church and established the Protestant Church of England with him self as a leader. When Henry lived he had in all 6 wifes.
Elizabeth ( 1533- 1603) - The virgin Qeen
Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry the 8 and Ann Boleyn, one of the wifes Henry had executed. Elizabeth was qeen in 45 years, and it was on of the most exciting time in English history. England became a world power, and defeating its enemy, spain and som colony in America. It was in this time William Shakespear wrote and playes poems that he still is famous for today. In the centre og Elizabeths time she was looking goddess in her extravagant dresses and with her face powdered white. But she never married, and was knowed ass virgin Elizabeth. Elizabeth hold an famous speach who was like this: I know i have a bodey of weak and feeble woman. But i have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too."
Only 18 years old Victoria became qeen. She was qeen most of the 19th century, and when she ruled she was qeen of more than a quarter of the world's population. Scotland, Ireland and wales were now united with England, and the Industrial Revolution had made a Great britain the richest country in the world.
Modern history
"Never have so many owed so much to so few." these worlds were spoken by Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime minister during World War 2. Britain played a leading role in the fight against Hitler's Germany. Even though Britain had been on the winning side both world wars, the country had lost its position as the leader of the world. The Hong Kong return to Chinese in 1997 marked the definitive end of the British Empire.
After the terrorist attacks on the USA on 11 September 2001, Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair was America's most enthusiastic ally in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Britain today is no longer a political or military superpower. But when it comes to world business and finance, London is still one of the most important centres. In addition, the country that gave the world William Shakespear, football, the Beatels, James Bond and the BBC is still a cultural force to be reckonded with.
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