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The story of the Native Americans

There are about 2,4 million people today who call themself Native Americans.

som of them have lived on reservations but most of them have lived in cities and and small towns. The lagrest group of Native Americans are in Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Montana, South Dekota and Arizona.

Before the whit man came

when Columbus "discovered" Amercia in 1492 he thought he had come ti India and called the Native people "indians". The native Americans had lived there for about 35000 years, and it lived 1.5 millions people there. The people who lived there where farmer, hunters and fisherman and they spoked hundreds of lanuages. But as diffrent they all wear, they all got affected by the whit man Columbus. His guns, alchohol, his rawilways and his diseases changed the Indian way of living forever.

Conflicts begin

In the begging the Indian where willing to share, but after a while when more and more people was coming and taked over there land, there started conflicts.
The native Americans was drived from their land, and they who tried to fight back where killed. And somone died of diseases that the Europeans brought with them for eksampel tuberculosis, smallpox and measles. They who survived all that where placed on a reservation there no one else wanted to live.

The sioux

The Sioux was one of the native americans who fighted hardest against white settlerd and soliders. Sitting bull who was on the leader once said
"We lived in our conuntry in the way our fathers and fathers'father lived before us. We sought trouble with no men. But the soliders came into our country and fierd upon us and we fought back. Is it so bad to fight in defense of one's country and loved ones? "
The Sioux defeated the United states cavalry many times in battle.

Life on the reservations
On most of these reservations

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